Need Help?

Need Help?

You can get in touch with me at or @sudhirj.

If you're looking for personal coaching in a particular technology, or want to talk about architecture / tool / stack choices you need to make, we can schedule a one-hour one-on-one call for USD $50. If you're not satisfied with the conversation for any reason, I'll send you a full refund.

If you'd like to talk about a problem, explain your available resources, team size & composition, and then have me figure out a workable solution, we can schedule an engagement at USD $5000 per week. During this week we'll work together to deeply understand the problem, circumstances and possible solutions, and then I'll do research and prepare a document detailing possible solutions with recommendations—including language / tool / architecture suggestions. We can then go over the solutions together with your team.

If you just want to reach out with a quick question, hit me up on @sudhirj — I prefer to keep my email open only for business.

If you're not in a developed country and don't work in dollars, I'm happy to change rates for you using the Big Mac Index. Can do a one-on-one call for whatever you spend on 10 lunches, or the weekly engagement for whatever you spend on 1000.